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Sanders Tubas
“The Sanders line of BBb tubas is an excellent choice for junior high and high school students. For an economical, high quality educational instrument, I do not believe there are better quality b tubas available than the Sanders line of Etude, Conservatory, and Imperial tubas.

Tuba intonation, especially in the lower register, is always improved with a purchase of a four-valve model. In conjunction with the service from Custom Music, the band director has a great resource for outstanding tubas.”

Professor of Tuba
University of Michigan
Principal Tubist, Grant Park Symphony
Orchestra (Chicago)

Sanders & Hans Mueller Tubas & Euphoniums
“These tubas and euphoniums are essential to the success of the director’s program. The best value and quality for much less cost than other brands make Sanders & Hans Mueller instruments a very practical consideration.

Tim Northcut
Tuba Professor at
College Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati

Sanders Euphonium
“I would recommend the intonation of this instrument over that of any student line horn on the market today. The Sanders euphonium blows freely in all ranges and produces a very good characteristic tone. It maintains its sound in all dynamic levels and is distinct and clear in any size ensemble.”

“The Sanders intermediate/semi-professional model is a reliable instrument for any school system. The workmanship is excellent. This will be a real attraction to the band directors shopping for new horns for their schools.

Any Hoefle
Band Director/Euphonium Artist
South Suburban College – South Holland, IL

Sanders Euphonium
“The sound throughout the range of this instrument is excellent. For an intermediate model euphonium, the intonation is very good. Any beginning and intermediate student would find it impossible to find a horn as good as this at such reasonable prices.”

“This horn is light weight, well put together, and comes with a sturdy wood or plastic case. It is perfect for schools and for students who want to have their own horn to work with so they can advance faster. I am convinced that this is one of the best non-compensated euphoniums on the market.”

Al Hearn
Artist Clinician, Euphonium
Ann Arbor, MI

B&S Perantucci PT-606P
“Upon playing the PT-606P, I knew I had to have this instrument. I had never (to that point) played an instrument that made me want to stop at nothing to get it. I have never played on a more responsive instrument.

Cameron Gates
Principle Tuba
Washington, DC

B&S Perantucci PT-606P
“The response of this instrument is stunning. From the softest pianissimo to the most bombastic fortissimo, the instrument holds together and performs in a way that is hard to describe. I never expected to come across an instrument that has the capacity to shake the walls in the low register, yet skip around like a much smaller instrument in higher passages. I think comfort while performing is an underrated aspect of a tuba’s value.”

B&S Pernatucci PT-6
“The PT-6 combines lovely, deep tone with a gentleness that’s unique to the large tubas I’ve tried. There’s a soft core in its’ sound allowing it to blend beautifully with other instruments, especially strings.
If you’re looking to buy a fine large orchestral CC tuba, I recommend the PT-6.”

David Kirk, Principal Tuba, Houston Symphony Orchestra

B&S Perantucci PT6 & PT6-P
“The PT-6 and 6P and truly remarkable tubas. In comparison to other 5/4 and 6/4 tubas, “B&S” Perantucci are in a class by themselves. They exemplify all qualities essential for the playing of symphonic literature, which include evenness of sound, clarity, and intonation.

“B&S (Perantucci) tubas are wonderful handcrafted instruments, made with durable and strong materials. They are constructed to last years and years in performing or symphonic situations.”

Tim Northcut
Assistant Professor of Tuba and Euphonium
University of Cincinnati College/Conservatory of Music

B&S Perantucci PT-15
“After many years of searching, I have selected the PT-15 from B&S (Perantucci) as my instrument of choice. This finely crafted F tuba presents an uncompromising beauty of sound, offering ease and agility in solo and chamber music performance. The PT-15 delivers full tone with great power and precise definition. Give this versatility under all circumstances, I’m pleased to endorse this highest quality instrument.”

Chris Lee
Principal Tuba
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

B&S Perantucci PT-7P
“The PT-7P allows me to produce the clarity and power needed to play in a large scale orchestra without the extra effort or problems.”

Richard A. White
Assistant Professor, Tuba/Euphonium
University of New Mexico
Principal Tuba, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra

Sterling-Perantucci Euphonium
“The Sterling Perantucci has been designed and made to meet the highest standards required by the most demanding euphoniumist. The sturdy construction, and the quick, precise valves caught my immediate attention. This euphonium is a focused, and free blowing instrument. It has a centered sound with very good intonation throughout all registers. The Sterling euphonium offers a wide range of playing styles. It has the ability to play very soft for the most sensitive chamber playing, yet it can still play with a focused loud sound to play over the largest concert bands.”

Bob Powers
Washington D.C. Military Band



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